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Comicbook Review: Balsamus: The Lost Lamb & Chapter 1: The Watchers

Ganhamos mais um Review de Balsamus, mas dessa vez foi da gringa, e estou muito feliz pelos primeiros frutos vindo a tona! Como ainda só tem 2 capítulos disponíveis para eles, provavelmente virá mais analises no futuro. Só aguardando ansiosamente por este momento!

Boa leitura!

Welcome to another comicbook review and we will dive on two Balsamus books from Brazilain artist and writer Karolyne Rocha and Brainy Pixel. Both books are short having 12 and 16 pages respectively, that’s why we will review them in one post.

Cover Art: The two heroes (?) of Balsamus graces both issues, one having a bust portrait and the second issue the full body. Although it doesn’t give away the story or adventure they’re in but by just looking at it the drawing, it’s definitely manga. It’s not manga inspired, it 100% manga. [ Continue:]

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